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Fighting against Huangteng Gorge, preparing for the double eleven

2018 is an extraordinary year of electronic quantity in Shenzhen. Before the end of the third quarter, it completed the 2018 sales performance established by the company in the mid-year summary meeting. The company established a new office address in June after the relocation of the new office address. The development direction and goal - to enter the 3C digital market, so that the multi-brand brand has a place here, the volume has opened a new step in the development of the second venture.

Although the annual results have been completed ahead of time, but the multiple targets have set a new goal to carry out the second step of entrepreneurship in order to achieve new breakthroughs and development, to meet the three major e-commerce sales activities at the end of the year, double eleven, double twelve, new year, In order to let employees have a better state to meet the work of the Double Eleven, the company organized a day trip to Huangtengxia.

After three hours of driving, everyone arrived at the destination of Huangteng Gorge. Because the company is the leading company of battery e-commerce, in order to serve every user, some customer service sales in this event. I sacrificed the opportunity of this trip and was moved by their efforts.

The happy time is always short. Everyone has a disappointment on the face after the event, but everyone knows that there are more important tasks in the future, and only a better job can harvest a better life.



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