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"Double character" protective film allows lithium batteries to not be pierced

Nature·Communication" recently published the research results of the joint team of the Academy of Military Sciences and Wuhan University of Technology. They synthesized a multi-walled carbon nanotube film that can self-assemble on the surface of the lithium metal negative electrode and intercept lithium dendrites.

Zhang Hao, an associate researcher at the Academy of Military Sciences, said that lithium metal has the highest theoretical specific energy and is recognized as the most promising next-generation high-energy battery anode material. It is difficult to apply because lithium metal produces lithium dendrites under cyclic charge and discharge. Pierce the battery.

Zhang Huimin, the first author of the paper, introduced the gradient metal lithium protective film with a dual-characteristic "dual character" and a nano-zinc oxide/carbon nanotube composite layer with pro-lithium performance on the bottom. 8GPa carbon nanotube layer. The protective film can effectively inhibit lithium dendrite growth for a long period of time, ensuring extremely high safety of the battery, and nearly 100% charge and discharge efficiency.



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