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Advantages of Tesla's new 21700 battery

Advantages of Tesla's new 21700 battery. Tesla announced the start of mass production of the new 21700 battery jointly developed by Tesla and Panasonic, and emphasized that this is the battery with the highest energy density and the lowest cost among the currently mass-produced batteries. The 21700 is not absolutely superior in performance to other models, but is physical and economical. Comprehensive balance results.

Advantages of Tesla's new 21700 battery

Like the 18650 battery, the Tesla 21700 battery is also one of the cylindrical lithium-ion batteries. Among them, "21" refers to a battery with a diameter of 21mm, "70" refers to a height of 70mm, and "0" represents a cylindrical battery.

(1) The battery cell capacity is increased by 35%. Taking the 21700 battery processed by Tesla as an example, after switching from the 18650 model to the 21700 model, the battery cell capacity can reach 3 to 4.8Ah, which is a substantial increase of 35%.

(2) The energy density of the battery system is increased by about 20%. According to the data disclosed by Tesla, the energy density of the 18650 battery system used in the early days was about 250Wh/kg, and the energy density of the 21700 battery system processed later was about 300Wh/kg, and the volumetric energy density of the 21700 battery was higher than the original 18650. Nearly 20%.

(3) The cost of the system is expected to drop by about 9%. Decomposing from the battery price information disclosed by Tesla, the power lithium-ion battery system of the 21700 battery is priced at $170/Wh, while the price of the 18650 battery system is $185/Wh. After using 21700 batteries on Model 3, the cost of the battery system alone can be reduced by about 9%.

(4) The weight of the system is expected to drop by about 10%. The overall volume of 21700 is greater than 18650. As the monomer capacity increases, the energy density of the monomer is higher, so the number of battery monomers required under the same energy can be reduced by about 1/3, which will reduce the difficulty of system management and reduce the number of batteries. The number of metal structural parts and electrical accessories used in the group further reduces the weight of the battery.

Some domestic 18650 battery companies have expressed their approval of Tesla's 21700 route and are also making relevant arrangements. If the company is not strong enough to improve the performance of materials through research and development, the most straightforward way to increase the energy density is to increase the energy density by physically making larger models. Cylindrical battery companies such as BAK, Foster, Lions and Tianpeng have all announced that they will put into production 21700 batteries in the future expansion of production.

The 21700 battery has a higher energy density than the well-known 18650 battery, and the cost will be reduced after grouping. The choice of 21700 is not because its absolute performance is better than other models, but the result of a comprehensive balance of physical properties and economy.

In view of the many advantages of the 21700 battery, coupled with Tesla's huge industry influence, this battery is likely to become the next cylindrical battery development trend. Regarding the 21700 new battery, an effective industrial chain has not yet been formed, which will undoubtedly hinder the promotion progress by a large increase in costs.


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