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Unlike traditional batteries that supply electricity by storing energy, hydrogen fuel power batteries convert chemical energy into electricity through the electrochemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. As long as there are sufficient hydrogen and oxygen sources (air sources), this conversion The process can be continued to achieve zero pollution emissions. It is an efficient, safe, clean and flexible new power generation technology. At present, hydrogen fuel power batteries are widely used in buses, logistics trucks, emergency power stations, medical care, travel and other fields, and the future direction is very broad.

Fujian Snowman Co., Ltd., located in Changle, Fuzhou, has developed a long-life, high-reliability hydrogen fuel power battery with a power of 31 kilowatts, a service life of more than 10,000 hours, and a system efficiency of more than 50%, reaching the international leading level.

At present, the life of hydrogen fuel power batteries processed by domestic technology is generally only about 2,000 hours, and the efficiency is only 40%. The battery life of the newly developed battery of Snowman has exceeded 10,000 hours, which is five times the former.

It is reported that the reason why the hydrogen fuel power cell developed by the company can reach the international leading level is due to the introduction of international technology and the company's core air compressor technology.

At present, two Canadian companies occupy 80% of my country's hydrogen fuel power battery market, and Snowman is the largest shareholder of one of the Canadian companies. Through the introduction of technology, Snowman has rapidly improved the research and development level of fuel power battery systems.

In terms of the core components of hydrogen fuel power batteries, the oil-free air compressor independently developed by Snowman can greatly improve battery efficiency.

In the future, Snowman will continue to increase research and development efforts and put hydrogen fuel power batteries into large-scale production as soon as possible to meet the future needs of the hydrogen energy vehicle industry.

The battery has passed the national compulsory inspection certification, and is processed in small batches, and is supplied to automakers such as Jinlong, Jinlu, and FAW for the development of hydrogen fuel-powered battery vehicles.


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