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What determines the battery capacity? What are the bottlenecks encountered in battery development?

Most users will pursue greater battery capacity due to battery life. The size of the battery capacity is determined by the battery energy density and battery volume, and the battery volume is affected by the size and thickness of the body and the detailed design. For example, the mobile phone is designed to ensure battery safety. It is necessary to prevent the battery from being too close to the outline of the phone frame to prevent damage to the battery when the phone is dropped, so that the battery volume may be further, so the factors that determine the battery capacity are the battery capacity density and battery volume.

Although it seems simple, the battery capacity can be increased by simply increasing the energy density of the battery or adding the thickness of the body and the volume of the battery. So why is it difficult for mobile phone manufacturers to do so?

First of all, the most critical safety factor, the risk of increasing battery energy density is: mobile phones are structurally concentrated in confined spaces and cannot spread, and are easy to explode. At present, many mobile phones have added waterproof performance, and the interior is more compact, especially For metal mobile phones, the energy density of the battery increases, the greater the explosion. On the other hand, manufacturers will appropriately modify the battery manufacturing process when pursuing battery energy density, and these changes may cause a series of safety issues.

Why does the iPhone never add battery capacity? What are the bottlenecks encountered in battery development?

For example, there is a diaphragm inside the battery to isolate the positive and negative electrodes of the battery. Once the diaphragm is damaged, it will cause a short circuit of the positive and negative materials to initiate a violent chemical reaction, but the existence of the diaphragm does not contribute to the capacity of the battery, so for Increasing the battery capacity will inevitably reduce the thickness of each separator, but such behavior will increase the possibility of battery danger to a certain extent.

From the perspective of materials, the current battery capacity improvement has encountered great difficulties. Unless new battery materials appear, it is difficult for the energy density of the lithium-ion batteries that we currently use to achieve significant development in a short period of time.

Therefore, the bottleneck encountered by the battery is not limited by a single factor, but must take into account the battery energy density, charging speed, safety, and volume at the same time. If these items cannot achieve a certain balance, blindly raising one of them means the other The decline in factor parameters ultimately means a decline in the overall experience.


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