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Can mobile phone chargers be mixed?

Can mobile phone Chargers work together?

Can mobile phone Chargers be mixed? Hybrid mobile phone chargers seem to have become commonplace. However, there is a popular saying on the Internet that iPad and iPhone chargers cannot be used together. The reason is that the battery capacity of the iPhone is small, and the charging can be completed as long as 1A current. The maximum output current of the iPad charger is 2.1a. Charging the iPhone with an iPad charger will quickly damage the iPhone battery, even if the current is too large, the charger will burn out.

Will using a hybrid charger really damage your phone? Excessive current will trigger circuit protection

Li-ion battery engineer Wang Yonggang said that the above statement is based on the parameters of the charger, and it is natural to draw such a wrong conclusion. If you use a regular Apple original charger, iPad and iPhone can be mixed.

To understand why the iPad charger is compatible with the iPhone, you have to really understand how it works. One end of the charger is plugged into a 220V AC power socket, and the other end is connected to the iPhone/iPad through an Apple dedicated data cable. The 220V alternating current is first transformed into a high-voltage direct current through a rectifier circuit, then into a high-frequency high-voltage pulse through a switch, and then into a 5V low-voltage pulse through a transformer. And the 5V low voltage pulse passes through the rectifier circuit and the voltage stabilizing circuit to become 5V stable DC. In the whole process from 220V AC to 5V DC, the transformer, rectifier circuit and voltage stabilizing circuit play the purpose of changing the form of electric energy, that is, from high voltage AC to low voltage DC.

Can mobile phone chargers be mixed?

The charger is plugged into a 220V AC power outlet. If the other end of the USB port is not connected to the iPad or iPhone, there will be no current flow and no power consumption. As long as the charger is connected to the iPad or iPhon, it will start working. The current flowing through the charger depends on the state of the iPad or iPhone. As long as the current required by the iPad or iPhone is within the 220V voltage range, the charger will supply the current. If the current required by the iPad or iPhone exceeds the maximum current that the charger can supply, the charger will output the maximum current that the charger can supply. In addition, a normal charger, once the output current is too large, will trigger the circuit protection and stop the output current.

Can mobile phone chargers be mixed? Hybrid chargers are completely feasible

The iPad and iPhone charger plans are different for a reason. The battery capacity of iPhone is relatively small, as long as 1A charging current can be charged in a reasonable time. Although a larger charging current can significantly shorten the charging time, it will produce more heat. High temperature is the number one killer of shortening the life of lithium-ion batteries, so the maximum output current of the iPhone charger is planned to be 1A.

There is an intuitive explanation on appleshellweb with iPad charger to charge iPhone. Although the iPad charger is labeled 5V2.1a, that is to say, although the iPad charger can only supply 2.1a current, the iPad charger must be able to withstand it. This is like driving on a four-lane highway. When you encounter a toll station, as long as one toll station is open, at most one car will pass the toll station at the same time.

Can mobile phone chargers be mixed?

Similarly, the iPad battery is planned to be charged at the most suitable time when the charging current is 2.1a. If you use an iPhone charger to charge an iPad, since the iPhone charger can only supply a maximum output of 1A, the entire charging time is about 2.1 times longer. However, knowing that this is an iPhone charger, the iPad will not require more than 1A of charging current, so it will not overload the iPhone charger and cause damage. For example, on an expressway, although there are four toll booths in the toll booths, due to the practice of road construction, only one lane passes, so there is still only one vehicle passing through the toll booths at the same time.

Therefore, it is completely feasible to charge the iPhone with an iPad charger without damaging the iPhone or the charger. You can charge the iPad with an iPhone charger, but it will take longer.

Prerequisites for hybrid mobile phone chargers

However, Wang Yonggang pointed out that the combination of different types of mobile phone chargers for iPad and iPhone is a prerequisite. One is to buy the original Apple charger, the other is that the two charging jacks can be used in common use, and the third is not to use the so-called universal charger on the market.

Ordinary Apple chargers have a series of safety certifications to prove that it is safe. Therefore, as long as the USB port of the charging cable can be plugged into the socket of the iPad or iPhone, it is fine.

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