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Where does the moisture in the battery come from?

Regarding the moisture in the battery, its source is mainly from the material, and of course it also involves the environment.

Positive electrode sheet: If the positive electrode sheet is made of nano-materials, this nano-material has strong water absorption and can easily absorb moisture in the surrounding air.

Negative plate: The negative plate has relatively lower water absorption than the positive plate. Of course, in an environment where humidity is not controlled, the amount of water absorbed from the ambient air is quite optimistic.

Diaphragm paper: Diaphragm paper is also a porous plastic film, and its water absorption is also great.

Electrolyte: Electrolyte is a substance that is very afraid of others. It is also very easy to absorb water. It will react with water until all the electrolyte material is reflected, that is, its ability to drink water is endless Until I die.

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