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Introduction to 18650 lithium ion battery pack process quality characteristics

18650 lithium ion battery pack process quality characteristics

1. Use lithium-ion batteries of good quality, and qualified and stable suppliers to supply single batteries with good performance. The single batteries have undergone a series of safety tests and performance tests, and used after passing.

2. The battery requires low internal resistance and good consistency. Whether 14.8V lithium-ion battery packs or other energy storage battery packs, low internal resistance must be ensured to ensure high-current discharge capacity, platform, and heat dissipation.

3. The battery structure adopts a ventilated design, and the distance between two adjacent batteries is not less than 2mm. This structure requires a plastic bracket to fix the battery.

4. The PACK battery factory uses slotted nickel sheets for spot welding. The size of the nickel sheets meets the requirements of high current discharge. The nickel sheet material guarantees low internal resistance. The spot welder guarantees stable operation. The welding needle guarantees the quality. The operator is trained and qualified. Post job operation, check whether the solder joints are firm after spot welding. In addition, vibration experiments are done for each batch of products to verify the anti-vibration performance.

5. Different batches of batteries are made into typical finished products and subjected to life tests. When the relevant experience of the lithium-ion battery PACK design specification is summarized, the finished battery products are subjected to cycle tests to obtain the actual cycle life.

6. Verify the high and low temperature performance of the battery. The cells of different PACK lithium-ion battery manufacturers are made into finished products and subjected to different rate discharge tests at high and low temperatures to obtain actual discharge curves.

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