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Where did the used cellphone go?

In our country, where did the used mobile phones entering the "circulation field" go?

“Most of them enter the second-hand market from maintenance outlets or private recycling points, and only a few enter the formal recycling system.” Wu Yinghong introduced that the more famous formal channel is the "Green Box", which was launched by China Mobile and its partners in 2005 For environmental protection actions, we set up special recycling bins in mobile business halls and partner business sites to recycle used mobile phones and accessories, and uniformly entrust professional processing companies for reuse and harmless disposal. However, consumer enthusiasm is not high and the effect is very limited.

How do the used mobile phones that enter the second-hand market flow? According to a second-hand mobile phone dealer in Beijing, some of the recycled old mobile phones are refurbished and sold in second- and third-tier cities or rural areas; some are disassembled and turned into parts for repairs. The recycling price ranges from a few yuan to a few hundred yuan. Varying; some unusable motherboards and other parts are used by some illegal processing companies to extract precious metals such as gold and silver, which will pollute the environment.

In an e-waste collection and distribution center in a southern province, the reporter conducted a follow-up investigation on the disposal of used mobile phones and found that the quality of many refurbished machines is difficult to guarantee due to the lack of professional testing equipment in related refurbished companies and the mixed parts selected. It’s not uncommon to see a good charge; the physical dismantling process of used mobile phones is relatively “clean”, and only some workshop-type enterprises that use furnace incineration or strong acid soaking to extract precious metals will cause the criticized environmental pollution problem.

At the local scene, the reporter once saw an illegally constructed shed with a dozen large foot basins filled with highly corrosive nitric acid that emits white smoke. Workers soak the motherboards of mobile phones and computers in order to extract gold and silver. A large amount of dark green wastewater containing toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and cadmium is directly discharged into the nearby river ditch, which is shocking.

What is the environmentally friendly and safe handling method? The reporter went to an interview with a designated processing company for a certain brand of qualified mobile phones in Hong Kong, and saw that workers used advanced equipment to detect and sort out available used mobile phone parts, and used professional "scrubbing equipment" to store the data stored in the mobile phone motherboard cache chip. User information is "erased" to ensure user information security. The person in charge of the company told reporters that useless motherboards and other parts are sent to Japan, where they are crushed and incinerated by a professional processing company, and the precious metals are extracted, which has a relatively small impact on the environment.

How is recycling going on the right track?

List it in the electronic product management directory as soon as possible, and establish an extended producer responsibility system

The disposal of used mobile phones is not only a social issue, but also a systematic project. How can the government, businesses and consumers take responsibility?

"For the government, guidance and supervision should be strengthened. For example, it should be included in the national electronic product management directory as soon as possible, and it should not be allowed to become a "free body" outside the supervision." China Electronics Enterprise Association Vice President Chang Luotao said that an extended producer responsibility system and an enterprise reverse logistics system should be established, and a formal recycling system should be established. At the same time, illegal processing enterprises should be cracked down, and the production, circulation, recycling, and processing of mobile phones should be fully controlled.

"For the mobile phone industry, it should be the responsibility of whoever produces it, and whoever makes the most profit in the industry chain will bear the main responsibility." An industry expert said that between manufacturers, processing companies and operators , Due to different profits and different capabilities, their responsibilities should be different.

It is understood that my country produces more than one billion mobile phones every year. Although the scale is huge, the company's efficiency is very low. According to estimates, in the entire industry chain, the profits earned by production companies account for only about 10% of the total profits, and 90% of the profits are obtained by intermediate operators. Take a Shenzhen company with an annual output of 30 to 40 million mobile phones as an example. Its profit for producing a mobile phone is only about 1 yuan. If you recycle a used mobile phone, the cost price is a few yuan, and the profit is more than ten yuan. This is a business that only makes a profit without losing money. Why don't smart entrepreneurs do it?

"To allow Chinese mobile phone manufacturers at the low end of the industry chain to recycle their own used mobile phones, it takes time and effort to establish a recycling system. They are neither capable nor motivated." The expert said, recycling used mobile phones A certain amount of profit can be obtained, which should be mainly promoted by the market, and the initial stage can also be promoted by the state with certain subsidies. However, in the long run, profitable operators should take the main responsibility, and even implement mandatory recycling regulations to achieve practical results.

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