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How to calculate the discharge time of UPS battery

First of all, we must clarify a concept, that is, the discharge current of the battery is not linear with the discharge time. Some people think that 20A discharge for 5 hours will use 100AH, which is wrong. The capacity of the battery is generally 20HR (hour rate), that is to say, it is only equipped with 100AH when it is discharged at 5A for 20 hours, because a 100AH battery can be discharged for 20 hours at 5A, only about 9 hours at 10A, and only at 20A. About 4 hours. But it can be put for more than 60 hours at 2A. This is the nonlinear relationship between battery discharge time and current.

The discharge time of the battery should be calculated according to the actual load power: I=(Pcosφ)/(ηEi)

Among them, P is the nominal output power of the UPS; cosφ is the load power factor; η is the efficiency of the inverter; Ei is the voltage at the end of battery discharge, generally referring to the voltage of the battery pack.

After substituting specific data into the above formula, the maximum discharge current of the battery is obtained, and the corresponding discharge time can be found from the graph of the relationship between the discharge current and the discharge time at each temperature of the battery.

The battery is an important part of the UPS system, and its pros and cons are directly related to the reliability of the entire UPS system. However, little attention is paid to the battery configuration. The correct selection of UPS backup battery capacity is also crucial to the normal operation of the UPS system.

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