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Customs interception of more than 1 million 30 thousand alleged tortious batteries

Guangzhou customs May 21st news, May 16th, in May 16th, Guangzhou customs under the submission of a ticket to Nansha customs clearance export to the export of Togo goods, inspection found that there are more than 1 million 30 thousand of the batteries suspected of infringing the "SUNWATT and graphic" trademark. The trademark right involved in the case is Guangxi Wuzhou Xinhua battery Limited by Share Ltd. In 2017, it was incorporated into the key enterprises of "Longteng" action by the Customs General Administration to carry out the export intellectual property right enterprises in the country.
Recently, there are more and more cases of battery tort, and the number of batteries has also been complains by many customers, saying that many businesses are charging multiple batteries for their cooperation. It has nothing to do with quality and safety problems and doubling battery manufacturers.



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