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Small fan burst in early summer

n May, in some parts of North China, the South has already entered the summer, and the temperature in some areas has climbed to more than 30 degrees. As the South entered the summer earlier this year, all kinds of cooling appliances entered the market in advance. Once more, the mini electric FAN is introduced. In fact, this product has entered the market last year, but because of the late entry, new product and few channels, no satisfactory results have been achieved.

At the beginning of 2018, the company's product department made a reassessment of the mini FAN project, and further improved the design, appearance and function of the product. Through the sales channel before the company, the sales plan was set up in the sub area. In the middle of April, the large channel merchants began to come to a steady stream of orders. In the half month of April, there are about 7 million sales orders. After May, the order quantity is more explosive growth. The total sales volume is expected to reach 50 million this summer. Foreign market is also the main direction of the market, because relative to North Europe and North America slightly hotter climate later, the company only received some enquiries, but through the comparison of the Chinese market, the European and American market will also have significant sales results, and the hot Southeast Asian market is more than the majority of the main struggle for the chassis.



As modern lifestyles change, more electrical appliances have become portable and convenient. Quantitative electronics is catching up with customer needs by introducing a variety of mini and portable household appliances. It is included in the high-definition projector that entered the market last year. It is the need to solve the home theater. Insight and market insight.


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