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All electronic products are attending the 2018 Guangzhou lighting and acoustics exhibition

This year is the fifteenth year of Guangzhou lighting and audio show. This exhibition has attracted more than 1300 domestic and foreign exhibitors and is expected to attend more than 100 thousand audience. The exhibition brings together professional lighting, audio and energy manufacturers and programs, including the industry's full range of upstream and downstream products. It is invited to participate in the exhibition as the big, rising star of the energy industry.

2018 Guangzhou light and sound exhibition site

In May 10th, the exhibition was solemnly opened. Because of the main battery product, the exhibition was not the main character at the exhibition, but as the number of brands became more and more famous in the international market these years, the agents of each country came to show the case of the service.

Consulting business in domestic class

Foreign customers' on-site consultation

In this exhibition, the volume of product electronics carries multiple brand 1.2V series, 3.2V series, 3.7V series, and 9V series Rechargeable battery. It basically includes all kinds and models of common charging batteries, especially the number of gold standard 3000mAh charging batteries received customers' attention, as the energy industry is not the exhibitor, the quantity of the battery is much more and more domestic and abroad. The high quality performance price ratio of business has always been the main reason for the popularity of business.

Sales team

This exhibition is the second national exhibition of quantity electronics in China, with a good result of US $15 million in the Hongkong Electronics Show. As the later brand times, it will step by step in the major exhibitions and conquer the customers with the best products, the best service and the most competitive price.



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