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The doublepow brand has settled in the fight and made more announcements.

The doublepow brand accepts more and more sincere invitations and officially settled in March 2019. From the doublepow brand, the one that did not take the second step in 2012 was to accumulate a little bit on the ground. Taking quality as the head, service as the standard, honesty as the standard, and user as the heart, it is the main core factor of the multi-view doublepow brand.
On the evening of March 7, there was news that “there was a lot of efforts to promote the electronic side to encourage the merchants to brush the list”. In this regard, the person in charge of the logistics and logistics has rumored this, and it is expected to completely solve the long-standing false shipments in the e-commerce industry after the new version of the electronic surface is on the line.

It is understood that the official "publication of more business services" before the release of the update, in the promotion of its electronic face sheet mentioned: "false delivery can be free of traffic penalties, that is, from now to March 31, 100% use more Orders for electronic orders can be exempted from traffic penalties for false shipments. In addition, the abnormality of order logistics and the complaints related to logistics can be exempted from traffic penalties.

A lot of descriptions "100% use orders for more than one electronic face sheet, can eliminate the traffic penalties for false shipments", this statement proves that the fight is more openly support "brushing".

From the beginning of the cooperation, doublepow is like a lot of guarantees to ensure that the brand is built without relying on unconventional operation methods. It will only attract users with genuine and cost-effective products, and create a win-win situation with the joint development.



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