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Doublepow goddess festival, you are more exciting

2019 is a year of dpublepow transformation, the development of the real road. As an industrial e-commerce company, women account for 70% of the entire workforce of the company. From the general manager to the heads of various departments, the company is caring for the whole company goddess. It is said that women can top half of the sky, and the company has topped up the company for a day. As the company's performance and benefits increase year by year, more than 70% of the credit is provided by the dpublepow girls.
I still remember last year’s mid-year promotion, double eleven, and the New Year’s Day. Every colleague prepared for the night, more and even wanted, the bosses looked distressed but their pay was rewarded, thinking they used their hands. Earn money to give love to your loved ones, I will always love you!
Nie and the company's customer service photo

Nie and the customer service team representatives take a group photo

I finally saw our big boss and just shy to see half of the face.
In 2019, dpublepow couldn't be missing them. They had more wonderful dpublepow, and they had more colors in dpublepow!



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