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3D printing technology can produce lithium batteries of any structure

According to foreign media, teams from Texas State university and Duke Universities in the us have made an LED bracelet and an auto-dimming LCD sunglasses using 3D printing technology. Both devices are equipped with lithium ion batteries.
"The 3d-printed lithium-ion battery can be made into any structure, which not only provides a customized version of the battery for a given product design, but also improves the application of structural components of the battery," the team wrote in its report.
Researchers used fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printers in their experiments.
, researchers say, is that the main challenge is to improve the print the ionic conductivity of polymer used in fuse (ionic conductivity), the researchers will fibers immersed in the electrolyte, electrolyte solution), to overcome the technical difficulties.
They also added graphene and multi-wall carbon nanotubes to the cathode and anode of the equipment. They first tested the technology on "coin cells" and then used them on bracelets and sunglasses.
The battery in the LED bracelet can only give off light for 60 seconds, and although it is not yet commercially viable, the researchers plan to boost its battery capacity. In the future, 3D printing clay may be used instead of fuse wire.
The head of the research, Dr Christopher Reyes, studied electrical engineering at first but switched to chemistry, where he was knowledgeable about scientific research. Reyes currently works in the chemistry department at duke university and has published numerous papers on electronic components and 3D printing of driverless vehicles.
Reyes hopes to find new materials and manufacturing techniques to reduce the cost of equipment such as solar cells and touch screens.


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