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Doublepow Type C docking experience evaluation

In order to "reduce the burden" and improve battery life, the current manufacturers have made the fuselage thinner, but the corresponding expansion of the notebook. This creative move has brought a very bad sense of use to the vast number of Ultrabook users. As a result, Ultrabook users can only force themselves to survive in the cracks, pulling another type of peripheral industry—type c docking station.
When I started MBP, there was no way to add another type c dock. The ultrabook that I bought myself will also be used for crying, not only to use but also to make the best use of it. I have to say that the type c dock is just my savior! After entering this docking station, I made the same shouts with the users who survived the cracks, really incense!
The size of this docking station is still quite tall in appearance. The all-aluminum deep-sky gray metal casing has a multi-brand logo printed on the top of the fuselage. It is simple and generous, and it has a texture in hand and convenient heat dissipation.

In addition, the body is relatively small, it can be said that carrying is very convenient.

Top three USB3.0 ports. The following three interfaces are: SD, TF, type c charging port.
There are two interfaces on the side: Gigabit Ethernet port and HDMI. The transmission line that comes with the fuselage is also very hard, and if it is not violently destroyed, there will never be a break.

Next, let me introduce a few points that everyone is most concerned about.
1, PD charging situation.
First of all, the PD interface of this type c expansion dock is compatible with type c various brands of notebooks, the official said to support 87W fast charge, charging speed lever. I also directly connected the MBP through the original Charger and the MBP power supply through the docking station PD port. The measured power is basically no difference, and it can fully charge the charge. Mom no longer has to worry about my laptop running out of power!
2. The transmission speed of the USB3.0 interface.
Test the read and write speed with the CZ80. The USB3.0 interface has a transfer speed of at least 260MB/s. It is enough for peripherals. More importantly, there are three USB3.0 ports in the multi-type type c docking station. It is easy to insert a USB flash drive, a mobile hard disk, a mouse, and a keyboard. It is a gospel of the game party that needs to connect peripherals. Not enough peripherals to join!
3. HDMI transmission.
Generally, I will use it to connect the monitor, the office crowd may also connect to the projector, etc. During my time of use, HDMI is completely free of any problems in transmission. As for the official claim to support 4K transmission, I don’t have this. Test because there is no 4K resource in the country. However, the normal work and home use, the size of the type C dock can be handled.
4, SD / TF read.
Here, the Toshiba 64G SD card is inserted into the body and the type C dock reader is used to test the reading and writing speed. The official reading and writing speed of the Toshiba card is 90MB/s and 70MB/s respectively. Using the body's own card reader, reading and writing is only 27MB / s, 30MB / s, far from the official nominal data. After using the docking station reader, the reading and writing soared to read 91MB/s and write 74MB/s, reaching the official nominal value. In general, TF camera cards are used more often, and the transmission is generally a picture with more files and larger memory. My personal test results are basically stable at around 35M.
5, Gigabit network port
Try Gigabit Ethernet port. My home is a mobile 100M broadband. It should be similar to most people. As far as I use it in the past few days, it is fully compatible with the transmission speed of 100M broadband in the uplink and downlink speed.
In general, the price/performance ratio of this type C docking station is quite high. Taobao sells for 278 yuan, which is within the public's tolerance. Save the ultrabook, it is already hungry! I suggest you try this product, after all, "seven days no reason to return" is still very human!



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