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Doublepow: the champion of the champion, unstoppable

On Sunday, November 11, 2018, the tens of thousands of Tmall ushered in the eleventh "Double Eleven" carnival, and the sixth "Double Eleven" carnival.

At 18:00 on the 10th, the company convened all the staff to carry out the double-election mobilization meeting. The atmosphere was warm, cheers and shouts. The commemorative activities planned by the mobilization meeting greatly mobilized the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the double-family family to fight the "double eleven". At the meeting, the family members shouted for their vision, mission and values, cheered for themselves, and prepared for the "double eleven" with the most full spirit and the most diligent attitude.

As of 9:45 on November 11, 2018, the total sales of multiple E-commerce stores have exceeded the million mark and continue to rise rapidly. The company also arranged a dance performance to condolence to the hard work staff on the front line.
The enthusiasm of the employees of the multiple employees has never been higher.

The "Double Eleven" campaign is still going on, and the pace of the people has not stopped for a moment. Every drop of sweat will not flow in white, every night will not be white, and every effort will pay off. Create a digital 3C famous brand, we are on the road.



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