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The double amount of rabbit humidifier is only to give you a more exciting upgrade experience.

In this fast era, the rapid development of technology has brought more convenience and comfort to people. Now, except for some areas, the country is basically in the rhythm of entering the winter. This season, the north and the south are relatively dry. Whether it is the office or the home, the skin or the scorpion needs moist air to supplement. Xiaobian today finds a mini humidifier to make up for this. Defects, for everyone to experience.

I have used a lot of products, the previous Rechargeable battery, the later mini projector, the mini FAN used in the entire office in the summer, and the overall cost is very high. Their mini humidifier is mainly attracted to me. There is no way to make a look at this cute shape at a glance. Although they have other models and looks, they are not so cute.

Exquisite appearance

The moment I got the hand, I was fascinated by its small and exquisite, very convenient for us to carry, the same value as the main picture, simple and cute, the budding bunny ears are also very pleasing, intelligent sensor switch, gently touch But, more subtly, the color light will automatically change the color.

Easy to use and smart to use

Operation steps: 1. Unscrew the upper cover counterclockwise; 2. Inject two-thirds of the water into the water tank; 3. Screw the upper cover clockwise to connect the power supply; 4. Click the power switch to start working (the first gear is long-term spray, again please The second switch of the switch is intermittent spray, and the switch is turned off again to turn off the switch; 5. Use about ten days to clean the dirt on the inner wall of the water tank; 6. When the spray volume becomes small, please replace the cotton swab in time; 7. The cotton swab will be used without being completely wetted. There is harsh noise, and noise is removed after the cotton swab is completely wetted.

Quiet and comfortable
Really does not let me down, as low as 10dB of silent companion, the sound is almost not felt, set a comfortable humidification environment for you. The quality is also very good, using polymer atomization technology to allow water to diffuse into the air, so that no water droplets return to wet the tabletop, the water mist is larger than expected, and very delicate, but will not accumulate water on the table. I am not afraid that the computer and the book are getting wet. The dry north is more worthy of possession. The process of enjoying the spray is like a spring breeze touching the cheek at all times, and the mother is blowing her eyes for us. It is simply impossible to stop. It is the artifact of the air-conditioned room, the best companion next to the computer, bringing you the moisturizing and coolness you have never had before. Deep hydration to prevent dry skin, so that the skin can always be in a state of sorrow and dryness.

After repeated testing, the water solubility is 200ML; the spray volume is 30-35ML/H; the normal use time is about 4 hours, the power is automatically turned off, and the intermittent use time is 8 hours, and the power is automatically turned off; In addition, the design is also very functional, not only humidification, lighting, lantern experience, but also convenient charging treasure or adapter adapter can be used, can also be used with a small FAN, enjoy humidification and moisturizing at any time, this humidifier itself comes with a small night The function of the lights makes you beautiful and beautiful, no longer afraid of the night.

The amount of this humidifier is also used in a wide range of applications. It can be used in home bedrooms, offices, and in-vehicle use. It can be used for pregnant mothers. Here Xiaobian gives a hint, this type of humidifier and aromatherapy lamp is not a principle, so you can't add essential oils and other things in the water, so that the fog can not produce fog, it is easy to make the machine use bad, and it is used The tap water of the household is good. It is not recommended to use pure water. Because the pure water and electricity ions are too small, it is not easy to blow out the mist. Finally, the inner wall is cleaned in time. After all, the tap water contains impurities and is cleaned and disinfected in time to be healthier.


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