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The difference between polymer lithium battery and lithium battery
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The polymer lithium-ion battery can be customized in any shape and volume according to the needs of the merchant. It is mainly due to its non-liquid electrolyte, and the solid electrolyte is more conducive to the polymer lithium-ion battery to maintain a stable shape.

Lithium-ion batteries or liquid lithium-ion batteries require a sturdy casing as a secondary package to accommodate the electrolyte because of the liquid electrolyte. And this extra package not only has restrictions on shaping, but also increases the overall weight.

▼Cell voltage

Since the polymer battery uses polymer materials, it can be made into a multi-layer combination in the cell to achieve high voltage, while the nominal capacity of the lithium-ion battery cell is 3.6V. In order to achieve high voltage in practical use, more A series of cells can form an ideal high-voltage working platform.


The solid electrolyte of polymer batteries has low ionic conductivity, and it is currently important to add some additives to make it a gel electrolyte to improve the conductivity. This also only adds ionic conductivity, unlike the conductivity of lithium-ion batteries, which maintains a stable value and is not affected by the quality of auxiliary materials.

▼Manufacturing process

The thinner the polymer battery, the better the production, and the thicker the lithium-ion battery, the better the production, which makes the lithium-ion battery expandable in more fields.

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