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What is the difference between a power lithium-ion battery and a lithium-ion battery?
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The difference between power lithium battery and lithium ion battery:

Power lithium battery

The power lithium battery is the power source that supplies the power source for the tool, and mostly refers to the battery that supplies power for electric vehicles, electric trains, electric bicycles, and golf carts. It differs significantly from starter batteries used for car engine starting. Valve-sealed lead-acid batteries, open tubular lead-acid batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries are mostly used.

High energy and high power; high energy density; cyclic use under high rate partial state of charge (HRPSOC); wide operating temperature range (-30~65°C); long service life, requiring 510 years; safe and reliable.

The difference between power lithium battery and lithium ion battery:

Lithium Ion Battery

Lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles are mainly divided into three categories, the first ternary lithium, which is also the most used lithium-ion battery, the second lithium iron phosphate, and the third lithium titanate, of which lithium titanate is very popular and used Few people. First, Tianneng Chaowei and major manufacturers are basically mainly ternary lithium batteries. Among them, Tianneng lithium batteries use 18650 lithium-ion batteries, and Chaowei lithium batteries are mainly soft-pack ternary lithium batteries, all of which belong to three types. Yuan lithium type, 3.7V, fully charged 4.2V.

The second largest current, such as 18650 battery is 3C discharge, your electric car is 8000W, the battery used is lower than the discharge current of your electric car, which will cause the lithium-ion battery temperature to be too high, the current is too large and the life is shortened , there will also be a situation where the bulge will be scrapped. If your electric vehicle has a very high power and a very fast speed, it is recommended to choose a 18650 battery with a current of 10C. It is obviously very important to choose a suitable battery!

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